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BackStory   部分編集


年表   部分編集

Year 0 NT

A new way of tracking the flow of time is established by the Ageless. Anyone found using the old system -- now called 'ancient time' -- is burned at the stake, and all written text in the known lands is transferred to the Library of Sorrow.

Year 56 NT

The Library of Sorrow burns, triggering the Great Uprising.

Year 168 NT

The last of the Ageless is killed by the hand of Wilem Benth, a former captain in the Ageless' own millitary force, the Keepers of Truth. Wilem takes his own life minutes after the deed, but is still celebrated each year on the second day of Awakening in the starfall of Omens.

Year 174 NT

The Gathering is formed, serving as the supreme rulers of the known lands.

Year 289-296 NT

A great disease, called the Pale Death, sweeps through the known lands, killing far more than it leaves alive.

Year 465 NT

The Gathering invents the concept of 'money'; tokens of ownership you trade in place of the goods themselves. This concept proves highly efficient, triggering the Golden Ages.

Year 552 NT

The wealthy merchant house of Mol-Rehan purchase a large piece of land from the Gathering, installing their oldest member, Johen King, as the sole ruler. While the ruthless oppression of Johen King leaves the people broken and poor, it helps further drive the wealth of the house Mol-Rehan

Year 574 NT

Inspired by the success of house Mol-Rehan, the house Lomaner tries to purchase land from the Gathering. The Gathering first denies this request, but is later forced to submit due to the Law of Fair, binding the Gathering. Other, smaller houses quickly follow suit.

Year 635 NT

In an attempt to keep their power, the Gathering starts selling their service as diplomatic councels to the kingdoms.

Year 784 NT

The last piece of free land land is bought from the Gathering for the price of seven thousand gold coins.

Year 844 NT

The kingdom of Jenn attacks the kingdom of Lomaner, badly wounds their king, and takes control of the Golden Valley, a large area very rich in natural resources.

Year 866 NT

Negotiations break down, and Lomaner sends its troops to strike at Jenn, but are met by the armies of Kellon who have come to defend their allies.

Year 885 NT

The kingdom of Lomaner falls and its lands are taken over by Jenn and Kellon.

Year 885-922 NT

Unrest in the smaller kingdoms. The kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and Mol-Rehan assembles vast armies, driving the population even further into poverty

Year 922 NT

The standoff is brolen when Mol-Rehan tries to stop the unrest in the smaller kingdoms by force. Jenn-Kellon sees an opening, and swiftly attacks Mol-Rehan. Full out war ensues.

Year 934 NT

Using superior tactics, Jenn-Kellon attacks and usurps the lands of several kingdoms not involved in the conflict.

Year 963 NT

Mol-Rehan forms an alliance with many of the smaller kingdoms against Jenn-Kellon. The tide of war slowly shifts, and Jenn-Kellon is driven back.

Year 979 NT

Jenn-Kellon wise men discover strange gateways in the Golden Valley. On the far side of the gateways is a lush and peaceful land. Settlers are dispatched to exploit this new opportunity, but soon return with tales of horrible creatures and strange magicks.

The Lone Soldier   部分編集

The Lone Soldier

Day by day, Night by Night, The Lone Soldier Battled to survive in the wilderness.He left his family 6years ago, and never Returned.Is this the Legend or just a myth?

Chapter 1, The Lone Soldier:

The Lone Soldier started at a Small town near the white light.Little did he know his parents were dying, The Lone Soldier(Or as some know him as Adrien Twi'lek)Was asked by the Whitelight Army to Seek a Healing Plant, Found deep in the Blacklight Territory.He told his Family he was leaving and told them he would be 6years.

Chapter 2, Lost in the Wild:

As The Lone Soldier Traveled through Rain and hail, He Noticed a small Tribe of Natives In a Camp.As he Approached the Tribe, They fled into a cave, He followed them an found them praying to Libilia.Zombies Rose from the Ground and started attacking him, He fought Bravely but was Wounded during the fight.

Chapter 3, The Valley of Mists:

Even though The Lone Soldier was badly wounded during the fight with the zombies he still had hope.He knew he could make it to the Valley of Forgotten Souls and find the Healing Plant he needed for his parents.The Valley of Mists was a cold an Dark Place, Carrying the creatures of Fo, He Managed to tame a Unicorm, He set up camp and the next day he set forth again to the Valley of Forgotten Souls..

Chapter 4, The Valley of Forgotten Souls:

As he continued on from The Valley of Mists he encountered a few Blacklights, He Fought Bravely and killed them all.He was near to The Valley of Forgotten souls, He could feel the pain inside of him Growing stronger, His Parents were Dying.As he stumbled to the Healing Plant, He tumbled down hills.He Finally Reached the Healing Plant and never returned Home.

Is he just a myth?Or maybe he is a legend?This will never be Answered, But im sure one day it will.His Story was told for Many Years, His Legend Lives on, He Will be remembered as a hero.

Wilem Benth   部分編集

Wilem Benth This is the only known depiction of him. A very faint etching on the frame reads "A contemplation of Darkness..." Wilem Benth - In Prayer

A warrior of the twelve Keepers of Truth who defeated the last of the Ageless, a treacherous act that cost him his life. Some say the Gods themselves commanded him to do it, taking control of his body for a time.

An archeological dig in the year 990 NT, in Golden Valley, where the strange portals to Wurm were discovered, uncovered a strange stone artifact with this single inscription:

"The truest of powers will be fleshed on the bone, And the ageless tempt nature to prey on its own With blood at the altar, the vision shall come, When the eyes of the moons are as round as the sun In the citadel raised by the lords of before, The stone twins await--- both the power and the law Then the past and future shall finally show, To the wounded the secret the blacklighters must know And a shall be witness to that which will be, In the mind of Libila, then none shall be free."

  • Wilem Benth's Prophetic Illiad. 167 NT

Some believe it may be a warning to those now living in the Lands of Wurm, and as such the Tablet was sent to The Abbey's Archive for further study.

It is also interesting to note that his death is celebrated on the starfall of Omens.

Gold Veins   部分編集

Gold Veins

Not long after the humans started appearing in the land of Wurm, there were 5 gods.

There were the gods of the Altar of Three, Fo, Magranon and Vynora Also, there were the gods of the Altar of War, Libilia and Kurak

Fo, Magranon and Vynora got on well, as did Libilia and Kurak.

One day, Kurak decided to go behind Libilias back and rule Wurm as the only god, and gave his followers immortality and turned them into demi-gods and sent them forth to take over Wurm.

Now when the Gods of the Altar of Three got wind of this they started working up a good bit of magic. Fo started covering the Kurak demi-gods in grass and there they were lost and eventually died. Magranon started pouring colossal bouders from the sky and the ones covered by his rock were lost in the newly created mountains. Vynora sent forth the sea to cover and drag back Kuraks followers under the sea-bed. The rocks where the demi-gods' bodys touched turned to a new and valuable (Not to mention rare) Material called Gold.

Libilia also started to get word of this. She went into a rage from losing followers, and as most of Kuraks Followers was dead, he was getting weak, so Libilia waited untill there were hardly any left and made her strike.

She struck with her Sycthe many times untill Kurak bled and his blood of gold dropped down and soaked into mountains to create more Gold. Then she carved Kuraks corpse and cooked his meat, this is from where the Libilians now eat human meat. With Kuraks bones she carved into an Altar to show that none will ever betray Libilia.

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