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Overmoon's Heroes of the Storm Wiki


2016/04/20 - パッチ変更点(Ver17.2.42273)

System Changes  


  • Quick Match
    • The matchmaking system will now account for each player’s Hero level in order to better define match quality and calculate win probabilities more accurately when attempting to create Quick Match games.
      • As a result, players should now be matched with and against players of slightly lower skill when playing a Hero for the first time, and slightly higher skill when playing Heroes with which they have extensive experience.
      • This will result in a higher percentage of evenly-matched games, in which each team has a 45% - 55% probability of victory, and should encourage more players to try out a greater variety of Heroes in Quick Match games.
      • Additionally, this change will have minimal impact on Quick Match queue times, except for those at the extreme ends of the MMR spectrum.

User Interface  

Draft Lobby  

  • Hovering the cursor over another player’s portrait after they have picked a Hero in the draft lobby will now display a tooltip that lists the name of the selected Hero Skin.
    • The tooltip will also indicate the Hero’s role, and whether they use ranged or melee Basic Attacks.
  • A warning icon will now appear on players’ Hero portraits in the draft lobby when pre-selecting a Hero that they are unable to lock-in.
    • This icon will also be visible to all teammates in order to better indicate when a player is unable to lock-in the Hero they’ve pre-selected.
    • Heroes that have already been picked or banned, do not meet Ranked Play’s level 5 requirement, or are otherwise ineligible for selection by that player will cause this icon to appear.

In-Game UI  

  • Score Screen
    • A “Mute Player Pings” button has been added to the in-game Score Screen (TAB) to the left of the “Mute Player Chat" button.
      • Additionally, “Mute Pings” and “Mute All” options have been added to the player context menu, accessed by clicking the Cog button to the right of the “Mute Player Chat” button.
    • Blocking a player will now automatically mute that player’s in-game pings so long as they remain on the Blocked Communication list.


  • Hotkey settings have been added for the “/Taunt” and “/Dance” chat commands, which can now be used to issue these emotes at the press of a single button.
    • The “/Taunt” and “/Dance” hotkey settings default to Numpad 1 and 2, respectively, and can be found under the Hero Management header on the Advanced Hotkeys settings pane.
  • The Hold Position Hotkey (Default: H) now also functions as a Hold Fire command.
    • Issuing a Hold Fire command (H) will now immediately stop the Hero from using Basic Attacks, cancel the current movement command, and prevent the Hero from acquiring a new target until another order is issued.



  • New Bundles have been added, and will remain available for purchase until Tuesday, May 10!
    • Elven Fates Bundle
    • Ultimate Elven Fates Bundle

Price Reductions  

  • The Butcher’s prices have been reduced to $8.49 USD and 7,000 Gold.


  • The 2016 Spring Champion’s Mount has been added in honor of MVP Black, the 2016 Spring Global Champions.
  • The Championship Banner’s third Mount Variation has been decorated with maroon and gold in honor of Real Dream Team’s Heroes of the Dorm 2016 victory.


  • Master Tracer
  • Impressed by Real Dream Team’s Heroes of the Dorm 2016 victory, Azmodunk has donned a maroon and gold uniform as his third Skin Variation.


Infernal Shrines  

  • Punisher
    • Punisher starting Health has been increased, and scaling Health has been reduced to compensate.
    • Frozen Punisher
      • Delay between ice trap spawn and detonation decreased from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
      • Root duration while frozen decreased from 2 to 1.5 seconds.

Towers of Doom  

  • Events in which three Altars spawn at once will now only occur twice per game, during the first and fifth Altar events.



  • Gilnean Cocktail(Q) (D)
    • Incendiary Elixir (Talent-LV7) - リデザイン
      • Gilnean Cocktailが敵ヒーローに当たる毎に、爆発ダメージが2、スプラッシュダメージが6増加します。最大20スタックまで増加します。もし20スタックまで溜まると、Gilnean CocktailのCDが2秒短縮されます。


  • HP 2335(+4%) > 2245(+4%)
  • HPリジェネ 4.86(+4%) > 4.67(+4%)
  • Twin Blades (W)
    • Twin Bladesがアクティブな間、通常攻撃で対象に短距離のチャージ機能の追加。
    • Zealot Charge (Talent-LV16) - リデザイン
      • Twin Bladesのチャージ距離が100%伸びます。

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